protect corners from damage-use 6x6cornerguards.


We've all heard the saying- "Time is money!"

 6x6 saves TIME and MONEY.

Use 6x6 on two jobs and cut your costs in half.

Use 6x6 on 3 jobs and....

You have 2 problems-


1. Impact damage

You're on schedule and the clients are expecting perfection.  And then it happens. Someone crushes the corner of a door jamb or built in. Beautiful workmanship is destroyed and you're under pressure to explain it and repair it. Use the 6x6 system and be worry free.


2. Adhesive tape?!

Weak adhesive tape comes loose and requires constant reapplication and aggressive adhesive tape can damage the surface you are trying to protect.


6x6 solves both problems!

  • Our low cost, reusable system, saves you time and money! The patent pending base keeps the Corner Guard snug against the corner without the hassle and damage of tape!